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I don't quite understand the difference between :

Basics: The 1:N Relation


Subtables: The Composition Relationship

and how they work.

I would think it would be the same, except in the Parent/Child when you delete the Parent, the Child records are automatically deleted.








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  • Hi Michel,


    You're right - Composition just allows for the cascading deletion of child records.

    Another feature is that in a composition relationship, the unlink record button is hidden to the parent record from the child record, to make it more difficult to unlink them, however you can still change them programatically.


    From within a form view, using the create a sub-table button is exactly the same as creating a table separately, and using the "link from" type from the parent, and then within the child table changing composition to true in the parent field reference settings.


    Hope this helps!

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