Example of print output with Carbone instead Ninox Print-Editor

Attached are screenshots showing the result of a print output with Carbone instead of the Ninox print editor.
The data all comes from Ninox, the QR codes are generated from transferred data from Ninox directly in Carbone.
I set the page size manually to generate lots of subtotal and carryover tables.
The payment QR code, also called EPC or Giro code in Europe, is recognised by most banking apps in Europe and fills in the payment instruction automatically.





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    • RoSoft_Steven.1
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Interesting Use Case Uwe, I had also tried this a while ago but got stuck. I suppose you need intergromat to pull in the generated PDFs into ninox as attachment? I tried without integromat but didn't get it to work. Can you tell us more about the used scenario?


    • UweG
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hi, Steven.
    I put a database in the english webinar for testing.
    '343_Print Engine Carbone'

    It included many examples for testing different options of carbone.
    You only need Integromat/NodeRed/n8n to send the first template to carbone as Groundtemplates for your printouts.
    Once it is oploaded, you can use a webhook to send ninox data and get an filled pdf ord word docx or any other format back.
    The carbone DB is workable as it is. But it is in german.
    I have heard that Ninox is in contact with Carbone to possibly integrate it for a fee, in addition to reworking their own print editor.

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