copy and paste table between databases

copy and paste table between databases

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  • Hi, 

    If you are using the Ninox App for Mac, iPad or Android tablet you can use the function "Import data" on the start screen of your database to achieve that.

    In this function you have the possibility to import tables from other databases that are saved in the "My databases" tab into you database.

    Kind regards, Jörg

  • Thank you so much. J

    • David C
    • David_C
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hello,.. I can see how to "Import the Data" from one database into another database,... but is it possible to import only the tables and their relationships from one database to another database?  Not the Data (.csv file),... only the Templates?  

  • I too have the same question.  I am new to Ninox. Now after having worked non-stop for a number of days, I've come to grips with how it all works. I've set up my first database, with tables and subtables.  I have to manage terminology (glossaries of professional vocabulary) per theme or subject area (medical, legal, political, etc.).  I have gotten the structure just right for "medical" now I want to duplicate the entire database for the other subject areas.  Is that possible?

    On a side note, I am not a pro, meaning, I have put together smaller scale databases for my own use on other platforms before.  I have some notion of how things should work.  I am finding Ninox good, well thought through and quite advanced on the one side, but there are simple "everyday" functionalities that have not been thoroughly thought through i.e. "right-click copy" and "paste" etc....  

      • Fred
      • Fred
      • 2 mths ago
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      Richard v. Lothringen at the home screen of Ninox, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of your DB icon. select duplicate database, uncheck boxes for data and images and attachments.

      Next time please start a new post.

  • Cheers Fred,

    I didn’t have that option. But in the mean time, I figured out that it was because I can only change a data bate on the computer it was setup on. Many thanks tho for your quick reply. 

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