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Hi to all! I need your help again. I have a table with several events. Each record corresponds to an event. Then I have another table with our staff list. I would need to be able to create several event records by inserting the same people from the "employees" table into multiple events. My problem is that when I have any employee inserted in an event, he is no longer available to insert in the others, so the only thing that I can do is remove the other events. I would need to be able to select any of our employees for any of our events. Can someone help me?

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    May I suggest you create a third table called Event Staff. Then create a reference field to Events and Employees. You can add any other field that you need as well. You can also set Composition to Yes to make it a child of Events. Which makes sense because there is only an event staff if there is an event.

    Then on your Event you will see a table with + create record. You will then click this button, Ninox will automatically link the current record in Event and then you select your the employee.

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