Ninox Storage - Deleting Manual and Automated Backups

If you notice that your storage has exceeded your licence's limitation, try deleting Manual backups and Automated Backups to reduce unnecessary space.

- Open the Usage Overview page
- Check which of your team is exceeding storage
- Go back to your team
- Click on 'Manage Backups'
- Delete unnecessary Manual & Automated Backups

The changes will not be reflected immediately in the 'Usage Overview' Panel, but after a few hours you should be able to see the difference.

Remember that Ninox Cloud automatically creates a backup of your databases every day. Check this link for more info on Automated backups.

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  • Maria

    Good tip - I do regularly check my backups and delete old unwanted ones

    in fact Ninox conducts many backups at set intervals on all your databases.

    what would be useful is a setting to say control the time intervals of cloud backups and also the option to set a database not to back up- thus saving space 

    ie case in point I copy my main database(s) to that I can do testing on them. I do a few manual backups but don't need it to back up every time I'm in it etc.....

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  • Maria The setting that Mel Charles is talking about would need to be set per database. This is a must feature since this is effecting many people:

    • per DB turn / on off auto back ups
    • if on then set number of max back ups
    • if on then set interval of back ups

    The problem is Ninox makes back ups even if you don't use the Database. According to Ninox it shouldn't. 

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