Admin mode toolbar hides field at bottom of view! Help?

Hello, I'm trying to edit the size of a field at the very bottom of a view, but when I enter admin mode, the toolbar pops up at the bottom of the screen and hides the field. I can't move the toolbar and I can't seem to scroll in a way that lets me click while the field revealed - - I have to hold the click to keep the field pulled up above the toolbar, and when I let go to click on the visible edge of the field, it drops back behind the toolbar. Am I overlooking some simple way to resolve this? Thanks very much.

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    • Mel_Charles
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    Not Aware of an issue with this....

    But you should be able to click the edge of the form drag to expand the form to get the bar out of the way. However if a real pain then click on Edit Fields and find your filed in the Fields List click and hold it and move it up the bit - go back onto your form and sort your size out then move it back down.

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