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When I run the code below, which I received from you, this program runs in a loop. It doesn't stop.


delete (select qry_Contractor);

for a in select Contractor do

for b in select Gebruiker do

for c in select Registraties_Detail do

let z := (create qry_Contractor);

z.(Contractor := a.Contractor);

z.(Gebruiker := b.Naam);

z.(Reference := c.Referentie);

z.(Registratie := c.Issue);

z.(Tag := c.TAG);

z.(Aantal := c.Aantal);

z.(Bonnummer := c.Bonnr)








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    • John_Halls
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi Michel


    How many records do you have in each of the tables Contractor, Gebruiker and Registraties_Detail?


    Regards John

    • Sean
    • 1 yr ago
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    I apologize, I haven't use Paul's code and it's clear after rereading the thread that he doesn't explicitly state several steps that I implicitly understood.


    1) The code goes into a Button not a View layout element.

    2) You need to create a Table (you can name it qry_Contractor) to receive the results. This table needs to have the fields "Contractor", "Gebruiker", etc. defined in it.

    3) In the View formula enter: select qry_Contractor


    You will need to click the button anytime you want to update the results of the "query" view.

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