Formula Field - Filtering for "yes" is blank but "no" shows all records "yes" or "no"

I added a formula field that compares an event date to Today's date. That field now shows "yes" or "no" depending on if it's a match for today's date. The goal is to have only records that match today's date show. So I tried to filter by choosing "Yes". But no records are displayed. If I select "No" as the filter, all records "yes" or "no", are displayed. 

Current FX is 

if 'Event Date' = today() then

I also tried

'Event Date' = today()

I also tried 

text ('Event Date' = today())

- Then manually typed in "yes" to the filter field


All three succesfully display a yes or no as the field value. But Filtering doesn't work as I expected. 

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    • Alain_Fontaine
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    The best formula is the second one. The first one is 200% over engineered... It is strange that the filtering does not work. I have it working both when defining a "Fomula" field and showing it in the tabular view, and when simply adding a "Formula" column directly in the tabular view. At least in the iPad version...

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