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I'm moving from a spreadsheet to Ninox, so have to translate a lot of the formulas into Ninox.

So far, with some help from Joerg, i've been able to tackle quite a few, but i've come to a formula i'm not really sure how to move over.

What i want to do could be described in the following way: if any of Field A is >= the most recent value of Field B,  then sum the values of Field C in those rows (where Field A is >= Field B).

All these fields (columns) are in the same table.

I've come up with an initial version of this, but i doubt it's right. Sticking with the A, B, C field names:

if A >= max(B) then sum(C) end

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    • Sean
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Another thing is I don't understand your emphasis on the Date fields. You can sort, group and filter those fields if you want. Also, RST could be a data field that gets filled when Security updates.

    • Rico
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Ok, Sean, thank you for your suggestions. I will look into them.

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