BOMs Managment (2) "Production table"

Hello everyone

I would like to create a manufacturing cycle (basically a mixture of purchases and sales). (C)

The first step was to define whether an article was a parent or not (via a "Billed article" button). (A)
The second step was to add a list of child products and link them to a parent item (this is what I just completed). (B)

Now this is where I need help.

Third step, I would therefore like to create a manufacturing cycle. (C)
That is to say that I would introduce a "Parent" article as well as the quantity to be produced.
And the system would bring up the list of all child items by calculating the quantity needed to produce the manufacturing previously introduced.

Fourth step, the system checks if it is possible to carry out the production or if it is necessary to order goods.
Finally, as soon as the production is finished, the system adds the right amount of parent product to the stock and removes the right amount for each child product used.

PLEASE NOTE: During production, it must be "possibly" possible to change the quantity produced (in + or -)

Could someone explain to me how to do it?

Thanks in advance

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    • Fred
    • 1 yr ago
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    I think this would be a big undertaking for this forum as I can imagine there would need to be structures put in place before you can even think about writing the code to figure it all out.

    What is your timeline for completion?

    I know Nioxus has made templates around production, but can't say if they go as far as you described. Their $27/mon support plan allows you to access the templates so you can see if you can get some ideas. It also provides tech support.

      • Didier_Schoonjans
      • 1 yr ago
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      Thank you for the info about Nioxus.
      As for the timing, I don't really have one. I gave myself two years at the most to finalize. But in general, I progress little by little.

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