Do you want to auto print a page. This works in Firefox after your turn printAlwaysSilent to true and and chrome you will have to config run chrome silent printing on mode --kiosk-printing edit target on chrome shortcut properties Ex:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --kiosk-printing "http://localhost:8080/this"

let myPdf := printAndSaveRecord(this, "HTML Ticket");
let x := substring(myPdf, 28, 200);
.button1 {font-size: 90px;border-radius: 24 px}


<button class=""button button1"" onclick=""openWin()""> 🖨️</button>

function openWin() {
const myWindow = window.open(""" + x + """, ""_blank"", ""width=400, height=1000"");
setTimeout(function() {myWindow.print()}, 3000);setTimeout(function() {myWindow.close()}, 6000)





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