How can I link 2 separate database?

How can I link 2 separate database?

For instance one data base with data from customer and another with time and labour. 


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    • Fred
    • 2 yrs ago
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    The easiest way would be to create a reference field in your table that tracks time and labor to your customer table. It will default name the new field to your customer table name but you can rename whatever you want.


    now you can select a customer and Ninox will link it to the record in your second table. 

    if you go back to your customer table you will see a new View element that will show all records linked to it in the second table. 

    good luck. 

    • Mconneen
    • 2 yrs ago
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    If the technical constraint is that they MUST be two separate DATABASES (not tables within the same database) ... Two things come to mind.. 
    1.  Use the REST/API to query across the databases.  You must be on the Ninox (or private) cloud..
    2.  Use an integration software, like Integromat or something similar.  

    That said.. I question the constraint.  In most cases.. this is because you want one group of people to only see their time cards.. and another group of people to see customers, projects, etc.  You can do that through user security.

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