How to Unfreeze a While Do?

I codes a while do to find matching records and pull values from a master table.  When I hit OK, it froze.

I 'm sure I made a coding error -- in other languages I would have suspected an inadvertent "infinite do loop".

On the other hand, it just may be too big a search. The master file is very large 200,000 and the while do includes two data element updates from the Master. The view table is about 80 records.

How do I stop the freeze and recover?

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    • Mel_Charles
    • 2 yrs ago
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    It may not be frozen\

    i have a table with over 800 records- some times it takes some 4 mins plus to load. and some script have taken hours to run!!

    • Kaan_Dikmen
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I created my own "Advanced Search" functionality. What I found sped things up was to wrap your script in <do as server>...<end>. It moves the crunching to the cloud, not your browser.

    In fact, what I do is I have a button that runs a search in that way and then fills a text field with the ids as a string. I then have a View which displays only the records it can find in that textfield. That has sped things up for me with 5k+ records, takes a second or so to display the matching records. 

    • rongordon272
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Thanks.  Yea, need to figure out says to by pass the hard search.  Good ideas.

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