Would someone please tell me what i“m doing wrong here?

I“m using this formula:

let Open := select Tracker where this(Symbol) = Symbol and this(Expires) = Expires.Total;

Total + Open

First problem is that i get this message: ”End expected: (at line 1 column 64,“ which is right after the second ”this.“

I”ve obviously made my statement incorrectly, but as i“m not really sure what i”m doing, i don“t know why.

The next problem is, when i remove and this(Expires) = Expires just to see what gives, Ninox seems to accept the first part of the statement, but then tells me that the Total field is unknown. Yet there”s definitely a Total field.

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    • Rico
    • Rico
    • 1 yr ago
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    It“s ok, i worked it out.

    I hadn”t used a let or select statement for a while, so i wasn“t clear on how to do things.

    I changed the formula slightly and used what appears to be the right syntax, and got this, which works:

    let tick := Ticker;
    let expi := Expires;
    let Open := (select Tracker where tick = Ticker and expi = Expires).Total;
    Open + Total

    • Rico
    • Rico
    • 1 yr ago
    • Reported - view

    Just in case anybody looks at this and is confused, i“m going to run the risk of confusing you more, since my previous post was an early version i copied and pasted while experimenting. This is what it should”ve been:

    let tick := this.Ticker;
    let expi := this.Expires;
    let df := this.“Date Filled”;
    let Open := (select Tracker where tick = Ticker and expi = Expires and df < “Date Filled”).Total;
    Open + Total

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