Link Project Database with Inventory


Please can anyone tell me if there is a way to connect a project db to an inventory db? I would like to expand the functionality of our system to include the inventory template module, but need to be able to link it to projects within our already established projects db.

Many thanks, Anna

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  • hi,

    with API ...

  • Hi Robert,

    Thanks...do you mean that I need to use the API and an external facilitator to achieve this? I was hoping that because both db's are within ninox, there would be a way to simply link them.

    Many thanks, Anna

  • If you use the cloud version, you could export your data to .CSV file and import into the other.

    If you use app version you can even export and import in .ninox format.

    To link data there must be an key field that's equal in both datasets.

    See https://ninox.com/en/manual/import-and-export/importing-linked-data


  • Right, I understand now. Thanks!

  • Hi, yes with the imports csv it's ok, but with a strong job, everytime change you need reimport and you need select the good field and the format (number, date, text) and after this its synchornized. 

    My way, a database for example Customer this the main database, and all over databases requeste the data in the main and in the second database for example inventory you synchronise the table customer. In this way, tomorrow add a database invoice and the next day quote, and ..... and all database are the same model for customer.

    But if have not understand the question, sorry. Have a nice day. Robert

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