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I have a dashboard table, I also have two linked tables,suppliers and purchasing.

In the suppliers table I create a formula "contains"  for the market season of the supplier's purchasing

In the dashboard I create a text filter to select the market of the purchasing and I create the view of the suppliers engaged in the market selected.

How can I obtain the sum of the purchasing filtered by market?

How can I tell to the view's formula which is the proper filtering text field when I have more than one dashboard records?

Many thanks.



Many thanks

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    • Mconneen
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    @Max.. are you looking for something like this?

    Here is a view of a Supplier with multiple purchases. 



    Here is the Dashboard view. 



    And here is a sample of the view configuration



    And the view formula



    • maxvalentino
    • 4 yrs ago
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    thanks for your suggestion but my situation is that:


    these are the three table involved, 0.Dashboard (should be used for the analysis), 2.Partner Information (the table with the profiling of the suppliers) and 7.Purchase Order (the table with the purchasing).

    my problem is the following:


    1.In 0.Dashboard I create a first view (List of Seasons) to obtain the list of the purchasing's Seasons.

    2.I create a text field (Season selection) to select the seasons I need in the following two views

    3.I create a view of 2.Partner Information with the list of all the suppliers involved in the season selected

    4.I create a view of 7.Purchase Order with the list of all the orders for the season selected

    I'm not able to sum the value of the purchase order in the 2.Partner Information view, it gave me back the total amount and not hte value of the single season selected, you can see  "somma  di PO - Total Value" and  "Supplier Value" are not matching.


    Many thanks


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