Scheduled Job in ninox it's Available?

i am using ninox NOT cloud version, i should be able to email with the data every evening at a certain time.

How can I program and especially where can i implement this work that allows me to send this data?

Other Problem..., I'm trying to extract the information but can't get use the "where" clause in the ninox console

The example works

select "Activities". (date + "" + 'Lawn mower Interventions'.Paid + "" + Clients.Name + "" + Clients.Surname)

The example doesn't work

select "Activities". (date + "" + 'Lawn mower Interventions'.Paid + "" + Clients.Name + "" + Clients.Surname) where 'Lawn mower Interventions'.Paid = false

Can you give me your valuable advice to continue?

Thank you


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  • Hi Mauro,

    You need to have Ninox cloud to be able to schedule a job to happen if you aren't actively using Ninox at the time you want the job to happen, as this requires use of the API.

    If you are inside Ninox, its possible to create a global function that checks to see if the job can be executed (e.g. have a datetime field in a record somewhere that contains the "next time to execute the task". The global formula would test to see if now() > that datetime value and if its met then run the task and update the datetime value).
    You could then place the function inside every "trigger on update" and "before show" and "after show" in tabs so it will attempt to run it every time you open/close a record or change some data. Of course if you aren't using Ninox when the scheduled time ellapses then the action won't happen until you next use Ninox.

    Hope this helps!

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    I am sure if I were smarter.. I would be able to figure out how AppleScript and /or Automator could facilitate this.   I did see a thread about a coming capability to direct ninox to open a specific database on start up... but I cannot find that syntax.

    If you can find that.. then AppleScript can be scheduled to start Ninox.. tell it to open specific database.. and within the database.. have a trigger on open that does what you want.

    Something HUGE in M$ Access is the ability to separate the code from the data.. that would be great on this platform.

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