Creating a template to print labels

Hi, I am creating a template within the print of option of Ninox for my labels. I created furmula field that contains Name and Lastname and the address for one label and I copied the same formulas for the other labels but as I send to print it creates the same id person ten times in the same page and then the second page the 2 id person ten times in the same page and so on. 


I need helo to write a formula that contains the name and last name and address for 1 id and then the second label in the same page should be the 2 id and so on until 10 labels in one page.


can you help me

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    • John Halls
    • John_Halls
    • 8 days ago
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    I have just put something together to do this. It involves a label table with 10 links to the name table. There are 10 equivalent formula fields that display the 10 labels per page. These in turn display the name and address from the name table, via a formula field (so you only need to amend your label look and feel in one place). It is all joined together via a button with this script.

    let n := 1;
    delete (select Labels);
    let b := (create Labels);
    for a in select Names do
        switch n do
        case 1:
            b.(Link01 := a)
        case 2:
            b.(Link02 := a)
        case 3:
            b.(Link03 := a)
        case 4:
            b.(Link04 := a)
        case 5:
            b.(Link05 := a)
        case 6:
            b.(Link06 := a)
        case 7:
            b.(Link07 := a)
        case 8:
            b.(Link08 := a)
        case 9:
            b.(Link09 := a)
        case 10:
            b.(Link10 := a)
        n := n + 1;
        if n = 11 then
            n := 1;
            b := (create Labels)

    Regards John

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