I was playing with the nifty join function to create a "Label".

I am not able to produce the desired results so am posting example to see if I'm missing something or just off the rails.

I am aware of the 'Grouped' function in a View and it does produce the expected result in the view but, as mentioned, I'd rather produce the results in a "Label" format.

Maybe others have advice on how to produce the desired result shown in the last example.

Kind regards.

Given table examples:

Here are sample scripts:

< Use unique to display only1 instance of each ingredient >

Workaround to display subtotals ( use select to create subtotals for each Action record ):

My preference would be to have an arrangement listing the cost subtotal first  followed by the ingredient.

So, I know this is a crazy-talk but, it would be nice if somtheing weird like this worked...

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  • No proposals yet? Let try something… From the formulas listed, it seems that a relation  exists between "Activity" and "Ingredients"; I supposed that one also exists between "Tickets" and "Activity", which makes sense since each record in "Activity" belongs to one Ticket.

    In the proposed solution, the "Action cost" field is not needed.

    • Alain Fontaine 

      Alain -

      That looks super clever!  It will take me a bit to parse out the "loop" bits.  I haven't explored that yet.  Yes, there are the relations as you mention.

      My preference was to avoid adding "helper" fields!

      Let see if I can bolt this in.

      Thank you very kindly!!

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