Button for create a new record which has a connection to a record

I have a table, where in every record, i have a connection of records from a different table showing up.  (1:N)
when want to get a new record, normally click "+ Neuer Datensatz" at the 1:N, and there i get a new record, which already has automatically a connection to the table. But then i use a button with the code:

create TableName

it just gives me a new record, but no connection to the table i am in.


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    • Fred
    • Fred
    • 4 mths ago
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    You can check out this post.

    • Fred thank you! My problem is just, i cant understand how i can apply this what i need, from this other post. Can you help me on that?

    • Fred
    • Fred
    • 4 mths ago
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    I can try.

    You have a good start with:

    create TableName

    The issue you are encountering is you have not specified the record to link to the new record in TableName. Since I don't know the structure of your DB, let us start with the following:

    2 tables - Table1 and Table2

    Table1 is your main table with a 1:N relationship to Table2. There is a field in Table2 called 'linktoTable1' which is the reference field to Table1. It is not just a plain text field.

    So in Table1 we create a button with the following:

    let t := this
    let newRec := (create Table2)
    newRec.linktoTable1 := t

    Line 1 creates a variable t that stores the Ninox recordId of the current record.

    Line 2 creates a variable that first creates a new record in Table2.

    Line 3 then takes that new record in Table2 then links the reference field 'linktoTable1' to the record that stored in the variable t.

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    • Fred Very great explained! Thank you very much!

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