Print layout - Display of subform quote prices - vertical layout?

I have a quote layout that is printed to PDF.

I have been using it for qute a while but am really not that over emanored with the multi (subform) pricing grid layout

So the body section (subform) has a layout like this

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 16.33.29


wheras I would dearly like to get each subfrom line to be more like ie the sub total and vat etc virtically (directly underneath the main costs)!

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 16.33.57

No matter what i do, i cannot seem to manipulate the subform view on the print out

Other than adjust the col width/font add/hide a field etc - ie the format appears to be fixed to a horizontal format for each line.

Does anyone know (hor has done this) if its possible to pick up each value in a subform line and get it to layout like 2nd image adn carry on to do this with each quote line (test for multi lines) as apposed to have to use the subform grid.

Or if ther is some magical way to get the default print layout for the sub form element to display different

if so can you give me a starting clue?



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    I've found a way of doing it which might help.. 

    In the subtable, add a formula field. You can hide it from the layout view if you want, but in the formula, build your layout as a multi-line formula field..
    So the formula should be something like: (name it something like "formula_description_for_print") then in the formula, add your text and fields and separate them with a line-break, (ie: hit return before the closing quotes in your text)

    "Product Name
    " + product_field + "
    " + "Product Code
    " + product_code + "
    " + "Print Option
    " + print_option


    Then, included THAT field as a column in your print layout. It will retain the line breaks allowing multiple fields per line.  Unfortunately, I haven't tried applying styles to the text yet, to make the headings bold..  might still be possible though.. but that will definitely work to allow multi line sub table layouts..  if a little clunky.

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