Request for a new order: "openFile"

With the new "on click" trigger it is possible to insert an openRecord command:
For example, in a formula field, you can place a call to an image field in the formula script, which displays the referenced image field in the formula field.
In the script of the "on click" trigger of this field-formula, it is possible to insert the command openRecord, thus making it possible to obtain the display of a record when one clicks on the thumbnail image of the field-formula . And this solution is interesting. Video illustration:

Could we get a new command, like "openFile"?
For the moment, when an end user clicks on an image field, he obtains the opening of the file contained in the image field. Each type of open file corresponds to a reader.
On Mac:
- a JPEG file is opened with a player internal to Ninox (I did not understand why?
- A PDF file is opened by default with the Apple "Preview" application.
- The audio and video files are opened with the applications defined by default in the Finder.
In my case for example, on the Mac, for an audio file saved in an image field, it is the nPlayer application.
I discovered with great pleasure that Ninox allowed to open an XSPF file saved in an image field with the VLC application, which allowed me to obtain a total integration of Ninox with musical listening in VLC!
The fact of being able to click on an image field is good but it does not allow a very aesthetic presentation ...
Obtaining the same result from a formula field presented as a sort of button is a little better, but it is not a standard presentation ...
Is there a Ninox internal command that triggers the opening of a file contained in an image control?
Why not obtain a command which allows the same result? A kind of command which could be called openFile ;-)
This command could be used in a trigger script with a button or a Field-formula as one can do it with the command openRecord…
Christmas is over but maybe for the first quarter of 2020… we can always dream ;-)

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