Counting Confirmed Guests

Hi Guys.

Hoping for some assistance.

Trying a work a formulae that sums the total amount of guests that have "Check In" to an event.

My current formulae is 

Checked In = 1 (Yes)

sum(Guests['Checked In' = 1].'Total Pax') + cnt(Guests['Checked In' = 1].'Checked In')

It does seem to work, but it keeps adding an extra person. i.e i have 5 guests in one group who have "Checked In" and the number is coming back as 6.

Ive tried adding "- 1" at the end of the formulae but this will only work for one group and not if i have multiple groups.

any suggestions?

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    • John Halls
    • John_Halls
    • 2 mths ago
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    Hi, just a few questions first

    Is 'Checked In' a number field or a Yes/No field?

    What is 'Total Pax'?

    You mention a group, so are the guests part of a group with one of them the lead in a parent table and the others, the guests,  in a child table? If so, what are these two tables called?

    Thanks John

      • Admin
      • Admin.11
      • 1 mth ago
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      John Halls thanks for the reply, i actually worked it out.

      I created a quick formulae that sums the total pax within single booking and then used the following code 

      sum(Guests['Checked In' = 1 and Tour = 1].'Total Pax')

      I just got rid of the cnt part and it worked

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