Import an Image from a Filename

Greetings - New to Ninox scripting, so please forgive the basic question:

I have a picture container called "Image" and

a text container called "Filename" which contains path to an image that I want placed into the image container. 

In the "Trigger after update" I place this line of script


That doesn't work, nor do options that involve Image := Filename or the like


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  • methaion

    I don't import my images from a path but when I print a customer quote (i'm on cloud version) this gives me a download file but I also write back a file to the quote into an image box.

    Not sure if this will help you - but here if my script (it does a test to see if the quote is still a draft or not - but ignore those lines

    let myPdf := printAndSaveRecord(this, "Quotes");
    let myName := "Quotation.pdf";
    importFile(this, myPdf, QteNum + " " + myName);
    if 'Draft!' = true then
        alert("Draft Quote Only Saved ! Turn Off Draft Flag To Print Final Quote!")
        if 'Draft!' < true or 'Draft!' = null then
            printRecord(this, "118PrintQuote")

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