Time calculation problem after the update

Hello Everyone

I am facing a strange problem and can‘t find an explanation for it.
This problem appeared after the last update.

Let‘s have a 3 Time and 1 Formula Fields.
The Formula is Time1 + Time2 + Time3
Let put a value of 1 Hour to each field.

So - if I add the time with the keyboard - then the result is 3:00
If I add the time with the „clock”, that’s jumping out 

then then the result is 3:01:37.086


I think, that it should be the same - no matter how I am add it…

Do you have some idea how can I fix that?

I have a technicians, that are using there phones and there they can add the time only with the „clock“.

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    • Fred
    • 1 yr ago
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    if you create two more formula fields and put:


    in one



    in another you will see that they are not the same time.

    Time1 is exactly 3,600,000 and Time4 is  3,646,313. Those are miliseconds which is what Ninox uses to do all date/time functions. Why they are different is a very good question and is best to ask Ninox that.

    The time field is suppose to hold real time (1:00pm, or 3:56 am) not the number of hours. If you want your techs to enter in hours it might be best to use a simple number field. Or have them clock in and clock out.

    By the way, I'm on the Mac OS app. I'm guessing you are using the Ninox Cloud since you have multi users.

    • Ninox developper
    • Jacques_TUR
    • 1 yr ago
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    I had the same problem two weeks ago. 
    It seemed to come from using the "now" button. It was returning the exact time in milliseconds or places to be rounded to the nearest minute.
    So I did the rounding myself while waiting for Ninox to correct it. 
    To do this, you have to divide the value by 60 000 (number of milliseconds in a minute), round it to the lowest value, then multiply it by 60 000.

    floor(number(Time1) / 60000) * 60000

    On the other hand, I can't reproduce the problem and yet the version of Ninox is always the same, it's strange 🤔 

    • George_Tanev
    • 1 yr ago
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    I have received a message from Ninox, that they have reproduced the problem amd we have to wait to be fixed with the next Update.

    I hope, that this will be soon...

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