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Good morning,

I have an application to issue work requests.
These requests refer to different car license plates.
I would need a code that would do the following.
For example I have 3 different license plates: AAA, BBB, CCC.
- Have an increasing application number appear for each license plate in a script when issuing a new application.
Application 1 for the BBB license plate would be BBB-1.
I want the next one to be BBB-2, that is, to select by license plates.

Nex i'd like for instance to add a new request for AAA being last one AAA-10: it must show AAA-11.
Can someone help me?

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    • Fred
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    Can you give more background to your DB? Table names? Field type/names?

    How do you want these license plates incremented? Button? Trigger?

    How do you want to handle deletion of records? If the last record in the series is deleted do you want the next one to go from there or do you want to track the deletion? For example, the last BBB record is BBB-20. That gets deleted. Do you want the next BBB record to be BBB-20 or BBB-21?

    You can look at this post for some good ideas.

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