Get time in minutes from the duration field type

How is the formula to get time in minutes from the duration field type?


I entered this formula, I expect a value of 60 minutes but I get 0 zero!


number(timestamp(format(Durata, "m")))


Thank you



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    The duration field (or Time Interval) is a tricky field. Here is Ninox's definition of the field type (scroll down to Time Interval):

    Time Interval

    A Time interval is the time between two points in time. A Time interval is the most precise method to measure time, because several days, hours and minutes are supported. If you want to register worked hours, for example, you could use Time interval to record the idle time.

    If the time you want to measure is below 24 hours, it might make sense to ‘misapply’ an hour field, because the hour field is more user-friendly.

    From my initial tests of the field, if you type in whole numbers (1,4,24,etc), Ninox treats them as hours. If you type in 60 that is 60 hours. If you type in .60 then that is 60 minutes (I don't quite understand that but that is what is happening on my computer). Which then Ninox converts to 1 hour.

    So if you format the duration to minutes, Ninox turns 60 minutes into 0 because you should be in the next hour.

    You have to remember that when dealing with time, Ninox is using miliseconds behind the scenes. To see this create a formula field that has:


    And you will see a really big number.

    What are you trying to accomplish here? Do you need to see minutes?

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