Functions of Buttons

I have a table that has a button and they duplicate one of the sub tables for the next day. need a formula for this button, for duplicating all the data of the main table.

let c := (create 'GM TABLE');
let t := this;
c.(DATE := t.DATE + 1);
for i in t.AllTables do
    let d := duplicate(i);
    d.('GM TABLE' := c)


And the second question, there are two tables, Tables1 and Tables2, with identical data. I need to create a button for deleting a record, I go to one of the tables and open the record there, there is a button that deletes this record, but I need to add a function to delete a single record in another table. Both tables subtables of one main table Table12

let result := dialog("Warning", "Are you sure?", ["Yes", "No"]);
if result = "Yes" then
    delete this


I found this, you need to add the function of deleting a record in table2


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