Ninox Products - App vs. Cloud

Before diving into the Ninox world please read this article about our two product lines - Ninox App and Ninox Cloud!

The image below shows our two products side by side in a sample database from the Ninox App perspective.



  • databases saved under ‘My database’

  • a one-time payment for the Mac App ($38,99)

  • FREE for iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android Phones

  • not suitable for Windows computers

  • data is stored locally or on an iCloud drive - this will determine the storage capacity of your Ninox App

  • can be installed on up to 5 devices (run on the same Apple ID)

  • databases can be synced and shared with iCloud



  • by clicking on +CREATE A NEW TEAM (next to ‘My database’) you are signing up for a month-long NINOX CLOUD TRIAL

  • Ninox Cloud is a subscription service that allows team collaboration and cloud storage (more about pricing read here)

  • A user can log in with a username and password on any browser or from within any Ninox App (like presented in the photo). 

  • Team collaboration, user management, user rights, and restrictions are available. 

‼️ If you are a Ninox App user remember to keep your databases under the 'My database' tab!

👩‍💻 You can use the Ninox App also for Ninox Clouds if you log into it with your Ninox user credentials. That is why you can see the Ninox Cloud teams in the image above.

🎉 The advantage of using the Ninox App with the Ninox Cloud is that you can work (modify and add data) and it will be synced as soon as you open the database again while you are online.

💥 Ninox App and Ninox Cloud do not "communicate" with each other. If you wish to have the same data in both products, you need to export/import data. 

Have fun with Ninox!

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    So, is my understanding correct that in order for a "Team" of users to interact with a database to add, delete, etc. data, all users must be logged into the NINOX CLOUD via a browser?

    It sounds like if a NINOX APP user logs into a NINOX CLOUD "Team"  database any changes that are made via the NINOX APP are deferred until the NINOX APP user logs out then into the NINOX CLOUD database.

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