Filtering the table view

Often seem to have problems with this. Particularly if the column in question has 'Conditional Formatting'.

I am currently trying to filter a table and NOTHING is working. Doesn't matter which column, what I try to use as the filter, it simply does NOT filter anything. Attached is an example.

The column is a (boolean) formula field that as can be seen results in each row having a 'Yes' or 'No' in that column. I set the filter to 'Yes' and all rows are still shown. I can filter on 'No' with same result. Or 'empty', 'not empty' or 'All'. Makes no difference. All records are shown in the table.

I added that column as I couldn't make filters work on any other column. No matter what filter I try on any column, makes no difference and is ignored.

I have had this in the past when the column has conditional formatting and '!=null' doesn't work and other oddities. However I have in the end always been able to circumvent Ninox's flaky table filtering, but this is driving me nuts. I need the table to show only certain records, but no matter what, today it just won't filter.

Anyone any clues?

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    • UKenGB
    • 11 mths ago
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    That boolean column shown in the image is in fact calculated from other Formula fields and is what I need as the filter. But any column that uses that boolean cannot then be filtered.

    I came across this behaviour before, but cannot remember how I got around it.

    Why does Ninox still have big problems with such basic stuff.

    That last is not really a question. 馃槚

    • Fred
    • 11 mths ago
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    can you provide a sample db as I can鈥檛 seem to reproduce it, even in the iOS app.

    • UKenGB
    • 11 mths ago
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    I changed the boolean from a formula to an actual Yes/No type field and set that manually. Filtering then works perfectly. I'd rather have been able to calculate that value from other data rather than have to set it manually, but it doesn't change much so I can do that.

    As I said, I have come across this before. When trying to filter on any column that uses a formula field that is itself based on other formula fields and maybe some other criteria I have not figured out.

    Hard to provide a simple example that reproducibly provides an example of the failure.

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