Multiple trigger after update

Hello everyone, does someone know if it is possible to write  multiple trigger after update in the same field ?  I'm sorry but I'm not so expert in coding..

For example:

I have a table (VISITA)  with a multiple choice field (DECEDUTO)  that have a trigger after update formula that modify a DATA field. It works perfectly.

if Deceduto = 1 then
    let xdatadec := DATA;
    PAZIENTI.(DECESSO := xdatadec)


I would like to add to that another trigger formula to show a dialog, create a new record in another table (DICHIARAZIONE DI DECESSO) and print the record layout view; I've tried in multiple ways without  any results.

This formula  works good if insert in a button but doesn't if insert in the trigger after update of the multiple choice field above.


if Deceduto = 1 then
    if check = "SI" then
        let myID := ID;
        let NN := (create 'DICHIARAZIONE DI DECESSO');
        let xdata := PAZIENTI.DECESSO;
        let xpaz := PAZIENTI;
        let xclient := PAZIENTI.PROPRIETARIO;
        NN.(Data := xdata);
        NN.(PAZIENTE := xpaz);
        NN.(CLIENTI := xclient);
        printRecord(NN.ID, "DICHIARAZIONE DI DECESSO")


Any ideas ?? Thanks in advance

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    • Fred
    • 1 yr ago
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    You have encountered the server side vs client side actions. Maybe someone can repost the list of server side actions. Triggers happen server side so alerts and dialogs do not work since you will never see them as they will "appear" on the server.

    If you were using the MacOS app with a local DB then it will work since your "server" is your computer.

    You will have to continue to use a button or remove the dialog and trust your code to work.

      • saffron_car
      • 1 yr ago
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      Fred AH, ok!  Many thanks !

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