Ninext : Fields inspector (evaluate the impact of changing/deleting a field before to do)

Hello everyone, 

Have you ever had a cold sweat before deleting a field in a table ? I always wonder what will happen. And the more my database is important, the more I'm afraid to have calculations that are no longer done or displays that are missing.

To try to solve this, I have developed an interface that allows you to see to which part of the code or the display the fields are connected.

This new module of the Ninext project adds badges next to the field names when they are used in other tables or views:

The number indicates how many codes use the field. The color indicates if it is a display code (green), a calculation code to make another field visible or to calculate the values of a column in a list (orange) or if it is used in a formula or to update other fields as in AfterUpdate (red).

By clicking on the badge you can see all the codes that use the field:

And if you click on the lines, you can see the corresponding code. The field is displayed in bold in the code to be more visible:

This popup remains on the screen until you close it. This allows you to open the different codes that are in other fields, tables or views while keeping the list of codes on the screen.


To add this functionality, simply include the code below in an HTML field that should be displayed when the database is opened:

var configLoadModules := {
        completion: false,
        badges: true,
        evalJS: true,
        viewEvent: true,
        fieldsInspector: true
function afterLoadModules() do
    if not isAdminMode() then closeRecord() end
html(http("GET", "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JacquesTur/Ninext/main/loadModules.html").result)






I am attaching a test database. Have fun!

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    • Fred
    • 3 mths ago
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    When I tried it on a 10.3” iPad with 16.3.1 using Firefox. I get the following empty drop down menus:

      • Fred
      • 3 mths ago
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      Jacques TUR You are the best!

      • Mel_Charles
      • 3 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Jacques TUR Jesus!! You been doing all this super work just on the Ipad!

      Respect Mate 👍

      • Jacques_TUR
      • 3 mths ago
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      Mel Charles 

      In fact I made the current version compatible with the Ipad and the Iphone. I did not test on other brand of phone or tablet because I do not have one. If anyone does the test, I would be curious to know if it works well.

      While doing this, I took the opportunity to make the dimensions of the popup relative to the size of the Ninox window. This means that now, when you resize Ninox, the popup will follow proportionally. Before, I noticed that the popup could disappear if you resized Ninox too much. This will no longer be the case.

      I have also just posted a fix because I found a minor bug in the popup resizing after resizing Ninox : v2.1.6

      • Mel_Charles
      • 3 mths ago
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      Jacques TUR Hey Buddy - Don't ever leave this forum - your too valuable 😁

      • Alan_Cooke
      • 3 mths ago
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      Mel Charles Hear hear!

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