Scripting a button to print text from a choice field?

I'm making a print template for an envelope, with a button to print.

In the table, there is a choice field for "Active Location" - example, choices are Site A, Site B & Site C.

Depending on the location selected, I want to program my button to print like this in the specific area:

Site A (based on choice)

123 Elm Street

Orlando, Florida 32801


Site B (based on choice)

987 Maple Avenue

Orlando, Florida


So the choice field will fill in the location name (Site A) and then I want to add, for each of them, the text for their physical address (highlighted for example).


I made several terrible attempts that don't return anything at all, so any assistance is appreciated!

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    • Fred
    • 4 mths ago
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    What table are you creating the button in?

    What table is the address data coming from?

    Are you copying the data into fields with the address data?

    What print style are using, Old Ninox or Dynamic?

    • Pete_Stoll
    • 4 mths ago
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    Hi Fred - thanks for your time.

    I'm using Ninox as a single user, so Old Ninox. 

    In this case, I don't actually have the physical address in the table - I'm simply identifying one of the locations. So I may be asking about something that works in Adobe (that is, inserting text based on a response). 

    I'm going to screen shot the piece later this evening for a better reference.

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