Display immedialty data entry mask

I would like display immedialty data entry mask, when user the table,  without viewing the list in table mode, is this possible? Thank you

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    what is a data entry mask?

  • re you suggesting you want to display a DATA INPUT MASK as per ms access/dataease etc. when say a telephone number filed would show __/_____/_____ so it gives the user a clue as to the format of the entry needed ie (01/1234/1234)  and does not allow them to enter information other than what fits this mask - in other words validating the entry!

    is that what you are asking?

  • if so then there is some limited format options for a given field in edit mode like this- but i don't think there is a way the pre show the mask or create custom masks at input time


    Input mask are great for controlling the input of telephone numbers social security numbers etc. ensuring validated entry.

    There night be a way to correct the format of an input by script after data entry when you exit the field but I think we would need to understand what you are trying to do.

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