Tutorial - Part III

Help! I have a table for the needle positions for my 16 needle embroidery machine. I have linked the table Inventory. Inventory's table has the data fields Brand, Color # and Color. When entering data into my Needle Position form and click Inventory the list with all fields all there. My issue is when I choose a thread from the Inventory table only the brand name and color show up. The most important fields are actually the brand name and color #. I've tried everything I could think of to get the field to show me the necessary information. Can you help?

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    • Alexander_Koenig
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    Hi Koasmom,
    you can define what is shown in the relation field. Activate the wrench icon and click on top of the relation field to open its settings. Open "more options". There you can define "Show as". In the formula editor you can pick the fields to be displayed. You can add more fields to show up by linking them with "+".
    If there are questions, you can also write to support@ninoxdb.de
    Best regards, Alex

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