Syntax create record


i know a sintax for creating a record :

sample :

let p := create Person;

p.Name :="myName";


ok nice, but i have one time see a other syntax for creating a record.

Anybody know the other syntax?

like this :

.Name := "myName";


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    • K_Gamble
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    I think I found this on https://nioxus.com/ - cool way to create a record:

    var sea := last(select Season);
    (create Season).(
            Number := number(item(split(varTitle, " "), 1));
            Title := varTitle;
            Tagline := varSpot;
            sea := Id

    where the "var" fields are defined elsewhere in my script.  And the "sea" variable stores the ID of the newly created record, so I can reference it later.  Much cleaner way that I love.

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