Basic for Loop wont work


I am having issues with the below loop, at one point it was working not it isn't. All it is doing is looping in a sub table of attendees to see if an existing person is in there if not add them.

Now it won't even enter into the loop at all, the only way it to ensure there is a record in there of some sort for the loop to actually work, defeating the purpose of a loop.

Can anyone see where I am wrong in this code or perhaps Ninox has changed something in the background?

let thisRecord := this;
if Name != null then
for attendees in Attendees do
let existingAttendees := Attendees[Lecturer = thisRecord.Name];
if count(existingAttendees) > 0 then
let new_item := (create Attendees);
new_item.(Lecturer := thisRecord.Name);
new_item.(Events := thisRecord);
Name := 0

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