Unlink Images from database to reduce the size

I have a database of my client session records which is now over 1 Gb in size mainly due to the images.

Each session has multiple images of my handwritten notes. I find Ninox to be extremely intuitive and useful in my workflow. But the downside is the huge increase in database size.

My plan is to unlink  images from records older than 2 years and store them on my local drive (and not on Ninox cloud). I am thinking of the following steps:

1) Identify records older than 2 years. Find the images and store it on the local hard drive -  prefixed with the relevant record ids.

2) Capture the link to the local image and store that in the record. What this means is that images for records older than 2 years can only be accessed on local drive and not on the cloud. I am ok with this limitation.

3) Once this works, then I need to delete the images from the database.

4) Not sure if there is a need to compact the database :-)

5) Put this in a special script which is given a date as a parameter to work from. I can then run this periodically.


I have the conceptual plan but not sure about how this will work on Ninox. Any and all help on this will be appreciated. Suggestions for a better plan are also most welcome and appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Nirmala Sekhar

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