New here, could use some help with batch requests

Hello everyone,

Using Ninox for some months now.

Must figure a lot of stuff out.

Really enjoying it to search multiple files for data so that I can (manually) add found data to a master file (my database).


My work is insurance/banking related.

I did some extracting/searching on websites from different  insurancecompanies/banks. Mostly you can search somewhere on a website for advisors.

Most files have a different look and columns, so I had to play with 'searching for text' in files.


I tried other software too. But what I like about Ninox is that they exist for some time. So I dont have to be affraid that after a year they vanish and I have look for another solution again.

The support answers very quick on emails, even in the weekend and in Dutch now :)


I want to get a quick report from a insurance agent, who their businesspartners are.

Most of the times a dataset contains a website or emailaddress, so it is the easiest to search on a domainname.

 Sometimes I help a bit by adding an extra column with a domainname, so it is easier to search just on a domainname.




Is it possible to do a batch job?

And getting filtered results into the master table (main database)?


I got a the emailaddresses from different files together into 1 file.

Now I want to do a lookup for 5.000 - 10.000 persons if I have a personal business email and not the standard info@


In this example I have a file containing:







Most likely john@muziekisalles.nl should be the right emailaddress for this person.

How can I extract it and add it?


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