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There is a Table1 where information is entered and when the button is pressed, the information is written to another table - table2

Here is part of the formula
Date := xCurrRec.Date;
                'Cash +' := xCurrRec.'.CASH.';
                'USD +' := xCurrRec.'.USD.';
                'EU +' := xCurrRec.'.EU.';
                'POU +' := xCurrRec.'.POU.';
                'VISA +' := xCurrRec.'.VISA.';


The  table1 also has a field CUSTOMER

What Codes needs to be added to the formula, and what field needs to be created in the table2 to display the customer's name?

I have a long formula, so I don’t show it in full. It works correctly, i just need to add one more function, transferring the name of Customer

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    • Fred
    • 3 mths ago
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    if you want just the customer name because you are using a simple text field (called CustomerName): replace with appropriate field names

    'CustomerName' := xCurrRec.Customer.Namefield

    or do you want to recreate the link to List of Players?

    'Customer' := xCurrRec.Customer
      • iliper LTD
      • iliper_LTD
      • 3 mths ago
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       Thanks a lot

      'CustomerName' := xCurrRec.Customer.Namefield
        did not work, it did not show the name, but the client ID number.

      Then I used the second formula

      'Customer' := xCurrRec.Customer

      made a writable if = false to the table, and forbade the changes. So it turned out better
        Thanks for your help)

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