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Hello everyone.

I would like to start managing QR Codes in my database.

I saw on the forum that creating a QR Code is actually quite simple. “It is enough”, in summary, that the script points to a QR Code creator site (on the web).

On the other hand, everyone goes with their QR Code manager. But ultimately which one to choose.

In my case, we would like to generate a QR Code containing the item code made up of a maximum of 50 alphanumeric characters including some signs such as: "Ø and also the symbol Ohm "omega in Greek"

Are there any free generators?

Thank you in advance and have a good day everyone.



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    Hello everyone,
    I think I expressed myself very poorly.
    What I would like to do:
      1) Convert the product code of each of my items into the form of a QR Code.
      2) Print labels with
           - the product code
           - the QR Code
           - product description
      3) Stick each corresponding label on the product storage
      4) During inventories, use the camera (either an iPhone or the tablet on which Ninox is installed) to guarantee the correct selection of an item for inventory valuation.

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