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Dear all, 

I'm currently trying to create a mail (using mailto: ... ) to multiple email addresses within one mail. Currently all relevant mail addresses are in a string. The challenge is, that the string has no spaces between the mail addresses and therefore is not interpreted as separate recipients in the local mail application. 

# I'm starting with a loop through a set of business partners

for partnerLoop in unique(this.CampaignEventContacts.Contacts.Partner) do

# create a variable which is used in the openURL function to insert the recipinets

let partnerMail := partnerLoop.Contacts.Email;


The to-line in the mail application looks like this:



Ask: I'm looking for a method to insert a space between the single mail addresses. 


Thanks for you support in advance


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    • Daniel_Berrow
    • 3 mths ago
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    Rather than use a loop, could try using the Concat() function, which by default adds ", " between items, as email addresses need to be comma separated

      • pauler285
      • 3 mths ago
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       Sometimes it's that easy. Thank you! 

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