Has anyone wanted to hide the add new record button on the popup link?

simply add a formula with CSS and add the following .stringeditor-button2 {display: none;}

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    • Michael_Blechinger.1
    • 3 mths ago
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    I saw, that this works. Thanks! And how to hide the "new record" botton in the pop-up?

    This is the class, but it doesnt work.

    .nx-button-text .blue
    • Jerome
    • 3 mths ago
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    If you are working with user roles, you can hide the "New record" buttons by removing creation rights for specific user roles on the related table.

    Another solution could be to hide your relationship field and make use of a dynamic choice field to list the related table records. Then use the "trigger after update" to modify the relationship field by a script. Users would never see any "Add Record" button ...

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