Ninox Futures?

Earlier this year Google bought AppSheets, a no code company. They apparently did this so they could better compete with AirTable, a multi-billion dollar no code company. On September 22, 2020 Google made their new no code product available. It is named Google Tables (not the same as Sheets) and is available in beta within the U.S: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbYbBZW4JGiQOIcP7DE8WKg

Where does this leave Ninox? After trying out Google Tables, I think Ninox still has a better product in many ways.

Should Apple buy Ninox?

It seems like Apple should think about trying to buy Ninox for some of the same reasons that Google bought AppSheets. Apple's Claris subsidiary appears to be going high end with a future no code version of FileMaker; priced very high. They might end up loosing many of the customers that they built up over the decades. It seems like adding Ninox to their product line would be a good way to retain those customers. Would that be a win-win for everyone?

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    • Sean
    • Sean
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    Can we safely assume the Apple bit is speculative and wishful musing on your part or do you have some insider knowledge? The very brief research I did on Airtable's net worth puts it at 1.1 billion. Certainly more money than I have, but maybe a little bit of hyperbole on your part? I just watched one of the videos and was left underwhelmed, but maybe I didn't want to be impressed. FWIW Dean, I'm not trying to be combative 😉.


    I swear, if I never see or hear low-code/no-code again, it will be too soon!!!

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