Formula field not displayed in table view

Hi guys, 

I've entered a valid Formula in Ninox that displays the result in the Form view. However, this result (only one) is not displayed in the Table view. When I drag the Formula Field to the Visible Columns and save it in admin mode, Ninox still does not display the column. More so, when I return to the filter, I noticed that Ninox did not accepted this field in the Visible Columns.


The Formula I used is this one:

let a := Medewerkers.'Woon-werk afstand';
(select 'Barema B' where Afstand = a).'Soca / dag'


The goal is to display the corresponding field in a different table (Barema B) of the value (Woon-werk afstand in the table Medewerkers) in column 'Soca / dag'.

I would appreciate your help on this one! Jarno

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    • John Halls
    • John_Halls
    • 3 mths ago
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    Hi Jarno

    The select statement will always return an array, even if it only finds one record. Try using first()

    let a := Medewerkers.'Woon-werk afstand';
    first((select 'Barema B' where Afstand = a).'Soca / dag')

    Regards John

    • John Halls 

      That does the trick! Perfect, thank you very much indeed 🙂👌.

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