Hi, I have two tables.

the first one is a list of purchase order (PO) with date, suppliers, amount, season market, price and total per order.

the second one should be the dashboard.

I created the view in the form and I'm able to connect the dashboard to the PO table and to filter the results per season market.

I can group the suppliers but I can't order the result per ascending or descending order, due to the number of the record grouped.

There is a way to obtain a view with just one unique record per suppliers instead to have the list of all the purchase orders to group?

I noticed that create a view in the form, especially using a big table as source, it decrease the speed of the db, using the main table view is it possible to use the results of the footer in some formula columns? 


Many thanks


Many thanks.

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    • Jorg
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Hi Max,

    Probably it would be the best not to write the suppliers everytime anew in the purchase record, but to have a separate table of suppliers and create a reference to the supplier in the purchase order table.

    So you can see all your suppliers only once in the table of suppliers and have a lot purchases with the same supplier also.

    Best, Jörg.

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