Multiple views have changed their column positions and formula columns have disappeared our cloud account. Why?

One view that used everyday just lost any formula columns I had created. It's like it rolled back to a super basic version of itself. Any idea why a view would do this? 

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    • Danjamesmedia
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi James,

    Ninox will need to respond/check as to the technical reason why those have dissapeared but here are a few tips for the future:

    It can take a while to craft the perfect formulas in table views, but as they're easy to delete by hiding the column, have you considered adding them as formula fields inside the table/form editor itself?

    You could restore an (auto) backup of the database from before they were removed to copy the formulas over? (Its possible to extract/paste them with the schema for very advanced/extreme cases, but in most cases, if its a few columns or conditional formatting rules, it may be easier to recreate them this once!

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