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Hi all ... non-code related question/comment -> I wasn't sure whether to post this but I was just curious as to other's opinions or thoughts concerning this. 

Earlier, I went to do a manual backup of a database and couldn't because I kept getting the message re: not enough space, etc. and have to upgrade your current plan or add a new license. That's the first time that has ever happened to me in 3 or 4 plus yrs I've been w/Ninox). 

I did a good cleanup, etc., refreshed, logged out. then logged in again. I attempted to do a manual backup again and still rec'd the same message. 

I did some digging and see that the subscription plans have changed and that I can no longer do manual backups. There are also other changes re: GB/storage, etc. and access to support. It seems that only the "Pro" plan offers you email support but not the personal/basic plan, which you still 'pay' for, it's not a free subscription). ?? The last time I renewed my subscription there was only one subscription plan (plus you could add additional licenses/$ but I've only needed just one license.)

I get it -- everything ($) has been going up (and up, ...) but you'd think they could apply those changes once your annual renewal is up and I'm not up for my renewal yet (still have a couple of months or so).

(I also do need to check my email again in case I missed the message about these changes).

But, I believe if they are going to make changes to your subscription's terms it is only fair that the changes would take effect once your current subscription IS up for renewal.

That's always been my experience w/any other subscriptions ($) that I have. If the subscription increases or they add/change tiers the new changes have always taken effect AT my renewal time (annual) and not prior.

Anyway, just my two cents (which are now, actually ... worthless ;-)  


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    • Fred
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I’m sorry you have dealing with subscription issues. You should email Ninox (support@ninox.com) to find out what is happening.

    • Simon.1
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hi Karen – there seems to be a problem with databases increasing vastly in size. I had the same issue. The only solution seems to be to download a backup and re upload to remove the 'bloat'. support had to temporarily increase my allowance to facilitate this. Check out this thread:

    • Alain.1
    • 1 yr ago
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    same worries.  at the end of my subscription, impossible to make manual backups, impossible to add files or photos (Storage full).  The support also allowed me for a while to make manual backups in order to unclog the cloud space, after that I bought several licenses, and the price is climbing quickly, hoping that they will not increase in this way  at each renewal and remove functions.  🙁

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