How to associate multiple records in one table with a record in another table



Due to changes in workflow I have a new table (B) that I need to associate with a table (A).  Is there a way to associate multiple entries in A with a particular entry in B?  That is, I can go through each entry in A by hand and make the association manually, but it would be a tremenous timesaver to find the appropriate entries in A and give them an entry in B.  

I cannot seem to do this using the "Edit Multiple Records" and "Assign Constant Value".

Is it possible to do this using "Edit Multiple Records" and "Assign Calculated Value"?

This would be a tremendous timesaver so that I don't have to do each of the thousand A records individually.

Thank you.

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    • Fred
    • 2 yrs ago
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    In TableB, find the Id of the record you want to link to. If need be show the column. Don't use any personal ID number you may have created. You have to use the Ninox Id for the record

    Return to TableA, select the records you want to modify, select Update Multiple Records, Find the new reference field (TableB) and select Assign Constant Value. Type in the Id value you just made a note of. Click on Next, then click on Execute Update.

    • kchulists
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Good morning Fred.  Got it, thank you!

    • Rob
    • 1 yr ago
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    This just fixed the last piece of a conversion table I needed. Many thanks for the solution. 

    Now if only I could figure out selecting multiple records instead of manually ticking them all :-)

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