Create Table reference issue with Ninox 3.3.3



I’m facing an issue when I try to add a table reference to an existing table. 

I can add the reference to the table (create table reference) but then I can not open the added reference field nor others.  I can only click on the OK button below. 

However, when I open the ‘Edit Fields’ of the table again, the reference table field is gone. 

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    • Fred
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Are you using the MacOS version or web version? If you are using the MacOS, make sure you are not using v3.3.0. Very buggy version. Check the app store and update to 3.3.2.

    • Fred
    • 3 yrs ago
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    sorry, didn't read the your whole subject line. forget what i said. :)

    • Paul_VDH
    • 3 yrs ago
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    FYI .  I'm using the Web version.

    • Mel_Charles
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Hi Paul

    The add table ref is working okay on web version (which i am on)


    so the steps are :- (in edit mode)

    So add you table ref: (link to option)

    select your table

    i tend to save change at this point to be sure!

    Edit the newly added file/ref

    Edit Columns

    Drag required fields from right col (available) into left column (visible)

    press OK button

    Save form changes

    you should see the ref field with funny symbal at end.


    I've just added this one and works !

     Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 13.06.45

    if field itself is empty click it to link the data.

    click symbol to unlink

    in version 3.3.3 edit mode on this field you now have more chocie how to display "show as"


    Good luck



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